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Teacher-Student Data Linkage:  Lessons from the Field

Objective:  During this session participants learned about a more technical component of implementing effective teacher evaluation in a high-stakes context – the importance of accurate teacher-student data links.  John Hussey of Battelle for Kids spoke about the need for accurate teacher-student data links, and provided an example of their system for verifying rosters in order to accurately track this information.  Beth Gleason spoke about this aspect of her work in Louisiana, providing participants with an example of how this technical piece is incorporated and viewed from the perspective of state implementation.  Hella Bel Hadj Amor spoke about her work to verify rosters in DCPS as part of her efforts to implement value-added to DCPS’ IMPACT teacher evaluation system.  

Presentations & Speakers:

  • John Hussey, Chief Strategy Officer, Battelle for Kids
  • Beth Gleason, Research Scientist, Strategic Research and Analysis, Louisiana Department of Education
    • Presentation
    • Video
  • Hella Bel Hadj Amor, Director of Teacher Effectiveness Research and Evaluation, District of Columbia Public Schools
  • Doug Staiger (Moderator), Co-Principal Investigator, National Center for Teacher Effectiveness and John French Professor of Economics, Dartmouth College

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