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CEPR believes that educational equity and social justice are inextricably linked. Along with other research centers at Harvard committed to human rights, “we affirm the values of racial equity, justice, and non-violence.”

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The Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) is uniquely focused on seeing that research findings are put to practical use. We consult with education leaders and our broad network of partners to ensure we’re studying the most pressing issues. We offer trainings for teachers, coaches, and the next generation of data leaders. And we present our findings as briefs, toolkits, and step-by-step guides. Learn more about our impact.

Accessible Research

Accessible Research

Answering critical questions for educators and policymakers

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  • Data Strategist Spotlight

    Anthony Sims

    The task of advancing the power of data analytics to address issues of educational equity and systemic improvement is often marginalized within district leadership. The Strategic Data Project provided me with a breadth of technical and adaptive skills to meet this critical need and support my role as a change agent in my district.”

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  • Advisory Board Spotlight


    Christopher Ruszkowski

    By supporting a community of school and systems leaders, CEPR is helping end the days of anecdote-based decision-making in public education. Over the last decade, the work of CEPR’s Strategic Data Project has sparked conversations and decisions that were long overdue and created a generation of leaders better equipped to guide policy and practice.”

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  • Doctoral Student Spotlight


    Olivia Chi

    Through the PIER Fellowship, CEPR has connected me with partners in its network who have similar research interests. It has supported the resulting partnerships by providing resources to conduct the research, as well as opportunities for feedback from affiliated faculty.”

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Training & Support

Supporting schools and systems dedicated to using evidence for progress

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Districts Pivot Their Strategies to Reduce Chronic Absenteeism During Distance Learning

July 29, 2020


On the other side of the country, another effort, housed at Harvard University, is also helping districts tackle chronic absenteeism. Started in 2015, the Proving Ground program helps school districts leverage data to design, plan, implement and test interventions to improve learning outcomes. The program has 59 school district partners, most of them in New York and Ohio.

One of its first successful intervention programs involved weekly postcards sent home...

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Are Math Coaches the Answer to Lagging Achievement?

May 5, 2020

To address concerns about cost and effectiveness, Kraft and Harvard University education professor Heather C. Hill created and studied a virtual math-coaching program that could potentially be a cheaper way for districts to have dedicated math coaches. The program was based on a framework that was co-developed by researchers at Harvard and the American Institutes for Research. It centered on practices aligned to the Common Core State Standards, such as rich meaning-making and encouraging student questions.

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