District of Columbia Public Schools

Since 2008, CEPR has worked with over 150 partners, including city and county school districts, state education agencies, charter management organizations, and nonprofits. This network has created a community of forward-thinking organizations with the opportunity to learn from one another's strengths, challenges, and perspectives. 

Below, you can learn more about this partner's collaboration with CEPR, such as their participation in research projects and any associated publications, as well as if they have a Strategic Data Project (SDP) Fellow. 

Proving Ground

Proving Ground is an initiative committed to helping education agencies meet their practical needs, by making evidence cheaper, faster, and easier to use. Our goal is to make evidence-gathering and evidence-use an intuitive part of how education agencies conduct their daily work.... Read more about Proving Ground

Strategic Data Project

Since 2008, the Strategic Data Project (SDP) has partnered with school districts, charter school networks, state education agencies, and nonprofit organizations to bring high-quality research methods and data analysis to bear on strategic management and policy decisions.... Read more about Strategic Data Project