Postsecondary Access & Success

Delaware Takes the Lead in Tackling College Readiness and Retention

July 17, 2013

Delaware took a major step today toward improving low college graduation rates that are holding back the capabilities of our workforce nationwide. Governor Jack Markell and Secretary of Education Mark Murphy joined researchers from the Strategic Data Project (SDP), a program of the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University, to release findings on Delaware students’ college readiness, enrollment, and retention, presenting one of the first thorough analyses done for any state by SDP. The project continues the data-driven approach to student achievement that helped Delaware...

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Value-Added Measures: How and Why the Strategic Data Project Uses Them to Study Teacher Effectiveness

March 1, 2012
Strategic Data Project

SDP published this brief to provide leaders and decision-makers with a well-rounded understanding of value-added measures to inform policy and management changes in their school districts and state education agencies. Since value-added measures are integral to the Human Capital Diagnostic, SDP is providing background on how they are calculated, why they are used, and how they compare to other measures of teacher effectiveness. During a time when there is a lot of controversy around teacher evaluation, this brief aims to increase awareness and understanding of the benefits and limitations of value-added measures in a format that is accessible to general audiences.

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TNTP (formerly The New Teacher Project) is a national nonprofit organization founded by teachers, driven by the knowledge that effective teachers have a greater impact on student achievement than any other school factor. In response, TNTP develops customized programs and policy interventions that enable education leaders to find, develop, and keep great teachers. Since its inception in 1997, TNTP has recruited or trained approximately 49,000 teachers - mainly through its highly selective Teaching Fellows programs - benefiting an estimated 8 million students. TNTP has also released a series of acclaimed studies of the policies and prac­tices that affect the quality of the nation’s teacher workforce, including The Widget Effect (2009), Teacher Evaluation 2.0 (2010), and The Irreplaceables (2012). Today TNTP is active in more than 25 cities, including 10 of the nation’s 15 largest.

Access to Opportunity

Access to Opportunity (A2O) is a partnership with the College Board aimed at measuring and improving secondary students’ access to rigorous high school coursework and enrollment in well-matched colleges, with a focus on the most disadvantaged students.... Read more about Access to Opportunity

Postsecondary Access & Success

The college diploma has become essential to achieving stable employment and financial security. Research on postsecondary success is therefore one of CEPR’s main priorities. Such research includes analyzing patterns of college readiness, application, choice, and success, and identifying opportunities and interventions to improve student postsecondary outcomes.  See the published findings and resources below for more information on postsecondary success research.

Digital Messaging to Improve College Enrollment & Success

The Digital Messaging to Improve College Enrollment & Success (DIMES) project is an evaluation of whether a series of low-cost digital messaging interventions can influence college applications and enrollment for students at risk of not going to college.