Research Overview

In the fall of 2010, NCTE commenced three years of data collection and observations of math instruction across approximately 50 schools and 300 classrooms, respectively. Data was collected from several sources, including multiple classroom observations, student assessment data, and teacher surveys to accurately capture how teachers impact student achievement.

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Data Collection Components:

  • Video observations of math instruction (in classroom, length of math lesson)
    • three video observations per year
    • coding of practices along multiple rubrics
  • Survey of teacher characteristics and measures of teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching (take home, 60 min.)
  • Student engagement surveys (in classroom, 10 min.)
    • captures interest and effort in math, interaction with their teachers, and attitudes and behaviors in school
  • Supplemental measures of student achievement (in classroom, 60 min.)
    • focus on a handful of math concepts that are fundamental to progressing in mathematics in these grade levels.

School Eligibility Requirements:
In order to have been eligible to participate in the study, schools must have had at least two teachers of math in Grade 4 and/or two teachers of math in Grade 5. The school principal and teachers must also have agreed to have teachers assigned to classes in Year 3 (2012–13) through the following process:

  1. The principal/teachers will draw up classroom rosters as usual.
  2. Working with NCTE staff, the principal will assign participating teachers to classes (or math class rosters) in their grade by lottery.