Strategic Data Project

Hill, H. (2014). Lessons Learned from Instruction | Results from a Study of Upper-Elementary Mathematics Classrooms. Beyond the Numbers Convening.Abstract

While research has generated substantial information regarding the characteristics of effective mathematics teachers and classrooms, scholars have rarely tested multiple aspects of teachers or teaching within a single study. Without testing multiple variables simultaneously, it is difficult to identify specific aspects of mathematics teachers and teaching that may be particularly impactful on student learning, and to understand the degree to which these characteristics are related to one another. This plenary draws on data from a three-year study measuring multiple components of teacher and teaching quality to investigate these issues.

SDP Announces New Executive Director

July 8, 2013

Nicholas Morgan will be the new executive director of the Strategic Data Project (SDP) beginning August 1. He will bring a decade’s experience working in the education sector to strengthen management practices.

Nick was most recently a managing director with the District Management Council (DMC), a network of leading school districts nationwide. Nick joined DMC at the firm’s inception in 2004, and led a broad range of research and consulting services to help improve the management of the nation’s public school systems. He worked with districts around the country on strategic...

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SDP Partnership Applications Now Available

November 5, 2014

The Strategic Data Project (SDP) is now accepting partnership applications for Cohort 7 of the SDP Fellowship program.

What is the Strategic Data Project?
The Strategic Data Project (SDP), housed at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University, partners with a range of education organizations to transform the use of data in education to improve student achievement. The SDP Fellowship is a two-year program that develops and supports talented data strategists in education agencies to have an immediate impact on policy and management decisions...

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A Teach for America Fight

March 7, 2013

The Strategic Data Project College-Going Diagnostic for the Los Angeles Unified School District is referenced in the following Los Angeles Times article.

In California, teachers whose students include English learners are required by state law to have special certification. That's sensible, given the special challenges that come with running a classroom in which not all children are equally proficient in the language being spoken. There are two ways to secure that certification: by graduating from a college or university that grants such a certificate, or by attending a...

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