Teacher Launch Project

Project Status: Current
Focus Area: Teacher Effectiveness
Location: Massachusetts

What is the impact of attending Teacher Launch among graduates of traditional, post-baccalaureate teacher preparation programs who apply to the program?

CEPR has partnered with Match Education’s Sposato Graduate School of Education on the Teacher Launch Project (TLP), which is an intense four-week summer training and 20-week coaching intervention for new teachers.

Teacher Launch provides an intense four-week training for teachers graduating from traditional preparation programs. The summer training will be followed by weekly coaching during the first 20 weeks of the school year. CEPR will evaluate the impact of the program on student outcomes, principals’ evaluation of teacher effectiveness, teacher retention, and teachers’ feeling of preparedness, job satisfaction and effectiveness. We are now working to recruit participants, finalize the random assignment design, and develop survey instruments.

Learn more about the training and the research plan on the Teacher Launch Project website.