Partner with CEPR

Schools will make faster progress by pooling data and comparing notes, rather than by trying to improve in isolation. This summer, Harvard and Schoolzilla will launch a network with schools committed to learning what’s working in personalized learning. Are other schools seeing faster achievement gains?  Are teachers within your school implementing differently? Are other schools implementing the same software more effectively?

Specifically, we are looking for public school districts of 50,000 or more students, as well as charter management organizations (CMOs) who have major personalized learning interventions (current or planned) and are using interim assessments (generating results at least once in mid-year as well as the end of year). Once we know which districts and charter schools are interested in working with us, we will identify subgroups using similar products, and divide them into networks.

Sign up below if you represent a public school district or (CMO) that is interested in partnering with CEPR on this project. We will also ask you some questions about your formative assessments, blended software tools, and student information system (SIS) to see if your organization fulfills the requirements needed to participate.