We believe that if we want to dramatically improve educational outcomes for all children, evidence must play a critical role. 

Over the past 10 years, the Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) at Harvard University has developed a distinctive approach to fulfilling its mission to transform education through the power of quality research and evidence. 

Theory Of Action

To support education leaders and organizations in making vital decisions using facts and findings, rather than trends and untested assumptions, our approach follows a unique path:


Generate relevant and accessible research to answer critical questions for the education field


Develop technical and organizational capacity within education agencies to uncover and use evidence

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Create a community and movement of schools and systems dedicated to using evidence for progress

Advisory Board members

Advisory Board

Guiding our work is a passionate group of advisors with diverse experience and wisdom to help us achieve our mission.

The CEPR advisory board brings together national, state, and district policymakers and practitioners; leaders in education reform; technological innovators; and renowned researchers.

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CEPR is committed to sustaining evidence-driven change around critical issues in education. Here's where you come in.


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Join our network of school districts, state education agencies, charter management organizations, and nonprofits.


Become a Data Fellow

Grow your data leadership talent through our Strategic Data Project Fellowship Program.


Become a Staff Member

Contribute to the future of education and support the work of CEPR's national network of researchers and practitioners.


Become a Research Assistant

Harvard doctoral students can gain access to real-world research projects and work alongside the top faculty in education.


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Data use and analytics, educational leadership, instructional best practices, and more.