Become a Partner

Since 2008, CEPR has worked with over 150 partners, including city and county school districts, state education agencies, charter management organizations, and nonprofits. This network has created a community of forward-thinking organizations with the opportunity to learn from one another's strengths, challenges, and perspectives. Organizations can partner with us through:  

Improvement Networks

Our networks bring together researchers and practitioners to uncover and share the best of what works—and what doesn’t—in education.

  • Proving Ground: Helping education agencies identify and test solutions

Connect with partner organizations to solve common problems | Attend a continuous improvement institute

  • Strategic Data Project: Transforming the use of data in education

Host a Strategic Data Project Fellow | Attend a data leadership institute

  • MQI Coaching: Improving the quality of K-12 mathematics instruction

Host an onsite coach training | Attend a coaching institute

  • Partnering in Education Research Fellowship: Uncovering critical insights for impactful decision-making

Host a PIER Fellow

Research Project Participation

We continuously conduct research focused on pressing issues of teacher effectiveness, postsecondary access and success, school improvement and redesign, education technology, and more.

Contact us to collaborate

Custom Research or Training

Do you have a specific project that aligns with CEPR’s mission and offerings? We offer customized services tailored to your challenges and goals, including data review, assessment, and training and school- or district-wide onsite training for instructional coaches in mathematics.

Contact us to develop customized support

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