Student Opportunities

Throughout the year, the Center for Education Policy Research offers opportunities for highly motivated students. Potential responsibilities across the various positions include:

  • launching research studies,
  • recruiting study participants,
  • analyzing education data, 
  • providing project and event assistance, and
  • supporting communications and outreach. 

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Open Positions

There are no open positions at this time. 


Please apply for the above job descriptions by sending your resume and cover letter to, with "CEPR Internship" in the subject line.  


Working at CEPR provides students with exposure to real-world research projects, as well as the top faculty in the field. 

Reasons for working at CEPR (provided by former student interns) include: 

  • "Flexible hours, manageable workload, great people, and a great organization that is doing such good work!" 
  • "A great grow and learn more about what's going on in the field of education policy and ways in which one can get involved in the research." 
  • "Skill building and networking opportunities." 
  • "The people—hands down. You can learn anywhere, and many internships make great promises of a learning experience, but then fall short on delivering mainly due to the supervisors. Everyone at CEPR is so open to helping students with their tasks and duties and train them so well that it sets a great foundation on which we can then build upon. After that, it is up to the student to ask questions and learn more—and there are a lot of great people there more than happy to answer those questions!"