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We know that the evaluation of new programs and policies has the potential to inform the future of education and improve student achievement. Our projects begin by examining pressing questions in education and culminate in building a community of stakeholders and a collection of tools and resources to move research into practice.  

Featured Publications

Can Technology Improve Teacher EvaluationsCan Video Technology Improve Teacher Evaluations? An Experimental Study

Can substituting teacher-collected videos for in-person observations could improve the value of teacher observations?

What paper coverCentering Educators' Expertise

How to facilitate educator-focused convenings to learn more about educators’ on-the-ground work



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The Response of Rural Districts to the COVID-19 Pandemic

How are rural districts navigating shutdown, online learning, and grappling with the pandemic?

Featured Project

Evaluation of Tennessee Pre-College Remedial Math Programs


What are the short-term and long-term outcomes for students who participate in math “pre-remediation” as high-school seniors?

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Featured Project

Middle School Mathematics Teachers & Teaching Survey


What is the current state of mathematics education in the United States?

Featured Project

Best Foot Forward Project


Does video technology improve the classroom observation process?

Featured Tools

Best Foot Forward cover

Best Foot Forward Video Observation Toolkit

Practical guidance for educators on using video observations to accelerate teachers’ instructional development.

Tool set


An online community of shared analytic code, tools, and trainings enabling users to collaborate with education analysts and researchers.

Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI) Rubric

A Common Core-aligned observational rubric for analyzing mathematics instruction.

Focus Areas

CEPR's research focuses on the following topic areas, which play a critical role in students' academic and long-term success.