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April 26: Randall Akee

The Effect of Foreign and Domestic Graduate Degrees
on the Earnings of Immigrants to the U.S.

About the Speaker

Randall Akee
Chair, American Indian Studies Interdepartmental Program
Associate Professor of Public Policy

University of California, Los Angeles
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About the Presentation

Using a novel panel data set of recent immigrants to the U.S., we identify return migration rates and earnings trajectories of two immigrant groups: those with foreign graduate degrees and those who immigrate and acquire a U.S. graduate degree. We focus on immigrants (of both genders) to the U.S. who arrive in the same entry cohort and from the same country of birth over the period 20052015. In Census-IRS administrative data, we find that downward earnings trajectories are predictive of return migration for immigrants with degrees acquired abroad. Meanwhile, immigrants with U.S. graduate degrees experience mainly upward earnings mobility while in the U.S., but we find that the return migrants in this population have earnings that, on average, are lower than their permanent counterparts.
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