PIER Public Seminar Series

Larsen Hall 203 • Harvard Graduate School of Education • Live Streaming Event

Thank you for support of the PIER Seminar Series throughout the 2016-17 academic year.
We look forward to continue hosting leading experts in education research and practice next year. 

Past seminars have included: 

Using Administrative Data to Understand Income Gaps in Student Achievement
Susan Dynarksi

The Gold Standard: Conducting Randomized Trials in Education Agencies
Darryl V. Hill & Matthew A. Lenard

Understanding Mathematics Instruction in Kindergarten: Evidence from a Large Urban District
Robin Jacob

High School Closures in New York City: Impacts on Students' Achievement, Attendance, and Mobility
James Kemple

200 Million Test Scores and What Do We Know? Income, Race, and the Geography of Educational Opportunity in the United States
Sean Reardon

Customized Nudging to Improve FAFSA Completion and College Access
Lindsay Page

The PIER Public Seminar Series is first come, first seated, and open to the Harvard Community and the general public. The event live-stream will be embedded on this webpage.
View previous seminars in the video archive.