Archived Video Recordings

Video recordings of past PIER Public Seminars.


Christina Weiland, UMichigan - Text-Based Mentoring for Postpartum Mothers

Text-Based Mentoring for Postpartum Mothers:
Impacts and Lessons from a Mixed-Methods Randomized Trial


Barbara Biasi, Yale - The Education-Innovation Gap


Sidney D'Mello, UC Boulder - Understanding Human Functioning & Enhancing Human Potential

Michael Lovenheim, Cornell - The Returns to College Major Choice


Michael Kofoed, West Point - Zooming to Class? Experimental Evidence on College Students' Online Learning During COVID-19

Dominique Baker, SMU - The Politics of Community College Districts: A Nat'l Overview & Implications for Racial Gerrymanderiing


Jens Ludwig, UChicago - Personalized Education

Joshua Angrist, MIT - Simple and Credible Value-Added Estimation Using Centralized School Assignment

Chris Candelaria, Vanderbilt - Spending More on the Poor? A Comprehensive Summary of State-Specific Responses to School Finance

Benjamin Castleman, UVA - Cash for College Apps: The Effects of Conditional Cash Transfers on Selective College Enrollment

Katherine Strunk, MSU - The Implementation and Impact of Michigan’s Partnership Turnaround Model

Daphna Bassok, UVA - Teacher Turnover in Early Childhood Education: New Findings from Research Policy Partnerships in LA and VA

Constance Lindsay, UNC - The Effects of Principal-Teacher Demographic Matching on Teacher Turnover in North Carolina

Peter Blair, Harvard - A National Study of School Spending and House Prices

Angela Duckworth, UPenn - The Science of Character

Marguerite Roza, Georgetown - From Burying the Data to Financial Transparency


Eric Taylor - Does evaluation distort teacher effort and decisions?

Phillip Levine - Do College Applicants Respond to Changes in Sticker Prices Even When They Don't Matter?

John Gabrieli - Education Neuroscience, Learning Science, and Education

Rucker Johnson - Children of the Dream: Why School Integration Works


Sarah Cohodes - What do we know about charter schools? Can successful charters replicate?

Kirabo Jackson - Reducing Inequality Through Dynamic Complementarity

Matthew Kraft - Teacher Evaluation Reforms and the Supply and Quality of New Teachers


Susanna Loeb - Engaging Teachers: Measuring the Impact of Teachers on Student Attendance in Secondary School

Judith Scott-Clayton - Financial Aid, Debt Management, and Socioeconomic Outcomes: Post-College Effects of Merit-Based Aid

Bridget Terry Long - Simplification, Assistance, and Incentives: An Experiment to Increase College Savings


Lindsay Page - Customized Nudging to Improve FAFSA Completion and College Access

Sean Reardon - 200 Million Test Scores and What Do We Know? Income, Race, and the Geography of Educational Opportunity in the US

James Kemple - High School Closures in New York City: Impacts on Students' Achievement, Attendance, and Mobility

Robin Jacob - Understanding Mathematics Instruction in Kindergarten

Darryl V. Hill & Matthew A. Lenard - The Gold Standard: Conducting Randomized Trials in Education Agencies

Susan Dynarski - Using Administrative Data to Understand Income Gaps in Student Achievement