Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI)

The MQI is a Common Core-aligned observational rubric that provides a framework for analyzing mathematics instruction in several domains. Within each of the five domains, individual codes contain score points that categorize instruction into different levels of quality. The MQI was developed in order to provide a both multidimensional and balanced view of mathematics instruction.

Learn about MQI Coaching

The MQI rubric, though originally designed as a measurement instrument for research, can also be used as a powerful tool to support teachers' growth. The MQI Coaching model, developed as part of an NSF-funded research study, can help teachers improve their mathematics instruction, guided by video-based reflection and the MQI rubric. The MQI Coaching team offers a variety of professional development opportunities, for teachers and for coaches, about how to improve instruction guided by the MQI. Learn more about MQI Coaching.

MQI Research Basis

The MQI was developed by Heather Hill and colleagues at the University of Michigan and Harvard University to reliably measure several dimensions of the work teachers do with students around mathematical content. The MQI is based on a theory of instruction, existing literature on effective instruction in mathematics, and an analysis of the teaching of hundreds of diverse teachers in the United States.
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MQI Domains

Common Core-Aligned Student Practices
Working with Students and Mathematics
Richness of the Mathematics
Errors and Imprecision
Classroom Work is Connected to Mathematics
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Access the Training

The training consists of explanations and details about the MQI domains, videos that serve as exemplars of different score points, and self-administered test/practice sessions. The training should take roughly 16 hours to complete, and can be done in 1-2 hour segments. There is currently no cost for training, but you do need to fill out the survey.
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Access the Video Library

The MQI Video Library contains over one hundred short video clips of mathematics lessons from grades three through nine. These clips provide examples and benchmarks for different features of instruction and levels of quality of mathematics instruction in the United States. It contains video examples that have been used with teachers, administrators, professional developers, and researchers interested in improving the quality of mathematics instruction. Use of the video library is limited to research and educational purposes.
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