Exploring Methods for Improving Teachers' Mathematical Quality of Instruction

2018 Mar 05

Online Course: Improving Math Instruction Through Feedback

Mon Mar 5 (All day) to Sun Mar 18 (All day)


An online professional development program for K-12 educators looking to improve instructional coaching for math teachers. Based upon the research of HGSE Professor Heather Hill, the workshop provides strategies for promoting high-quality math instruction and explores the role of school leaders, instructional coaches, and peer teachers in that process. The workshop begins with an introduction to Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI), an observation instrument and set of protocols that support teachers, coaches, and principals in analyzing instruction and planning for improvement. You will then practice observing classrooms and engaging in coaching conversations using MQI and other protocols. In the final portion of the workshop, you will explore strategies for using rubric-based coaching with instructional video capture in your own setting.
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2018 Jul 16

MQI Coaching Institute

Mon Jul 16 (All day) to Thu Jul 19 (All day)


Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Join MQI Coaching experts at Harvard University for an in-depth, hands-on training on the MQI rubric and how to use it as an effective coaching tool. Participants will also be able to access up to two MQI Coaching webinars in the fall.
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2017 Apr 03

National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM)

Mon Apr 3 (All day) to Wed Apr 5 (All day)


Grand Hyatt, San Antonio, TX

Visit MQI Coaching cofounder Claire Gogolen (@MQIclaire) in the exhibition hall, and attend our conference session.
Event title: #231 - From Research to Practice: the Story of MQI Coaching
Session time: Tentatively scheduled for Monday, April 03, at 11:15 AM
Lead speaker: Heather Hill

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2017 Feb 27

Improving Math Instruction Through Feedback

Mon Feb 27 (All day) to Sun Mar 12 (All day)



Join MQI Coaching experts from Harvard University for a self-paced online learning module (~10 hours over two weeks) that covers key components of our rubric-based coaching model.

The program begins with an introduction to Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI) Coaching, an observation instrument and set of protocols that support teachers in analyzing their own instruction and...

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Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI)

The MQI is a Common Core-aligned observational rubric that provides a framework for analyzing mathematics instruction in several domains. Within each of the five domains, individual codes contain score points that categorize instruction into different levels of quality. The MQI was developed in order to provide a both multidimensional and balanced view of mathematics instruction.

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The MQI rubric, though originally designed as a measurement instrument for research, can also be used...
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