Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Measures: Refreshing the Item Pool

Project Status: Current
Focus Area: Teacher Effectiveness
Location: National
Timeline: December 2016-December 2019
Principal Investigators: Heather Hill, Dan McGinn (co-PI), Merrie Blunk (co-PI), Steve Schilling (co-PI)

How do we measure the specialized content knowledge required to teacher mathematics?

The Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (MKT) instrument is a tool for measuring the specialized knowledge K-8 teachers of mathematics use in teaching.Since its creation, MKT items have been widely used in evaluating teacher learning in professional development programs and investigating the relationship between teachers’ knowledge and practice.

In response to user demand, the current work aims to expand the MKT item pool and enhance the quality of the assessment administration. The project team is prioritizing the production of new items better aligned to the content of the Common Core mathematics standards and building out an improved online survey platform.

Education Agencies
District mathematics coordinators, junior and senior mathematics education scholars, mathematicians, and graduate students draft and edit new MKT items. Elementary and middle school mathematics teachers will participate in the study.

Research Partner
University of Michigan

National Science Foundation