Research to Practice

June 9, 2016

Findings from the National Center for Research in Policy and Practice (NCRPP) survey, and how it can help education leaders and researchers create more of an impact, are discussed in the following HGSE Usable Knowledge blog post.

Good news for education researchers: Your work is influencing district and school leaders, helping to guide their decisions.

Countering criticism that education research is often irrelevant to practice, a newly released national survey has found that the majority of education leaders value research and use it regularly.

It’s a moment for education scholars and research institutions to relish — and then ask, “So what’s next?” Can these findings trigger a wider push for evidence-based solutions? With increased collaboration between researchers and practitioners, can education research — like research in medicine or case studies in business — shape the way school leaders approach emerging needs or the toughest problems of their daily practice?


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