Wake County announces partnership with the Strategic Data Project

January 18, 2012

The Wake County Public School system announces its partnership with the Strategic Data Project in the following Raleigh Pubic Record article.

A $700,000 grant awarded by the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University is set to begin helping Wake County schools more effectively use data in its decision making.

Wake’s two-year participation in the Strategic Data Project will primarily provide data on teacher effectiveness and students’ success rate in post-secondary institutions such as college.

While researchers at Harvard will be focused on teacher effectiveness and college-going students’ success for just six months of the two years, four fellows working within the district will be allowed to focus on whatever WCPSS dictates for the full two years.

Two of the fellows will be chosen from outside the district by the Strategic Data Project and then approved by WCPSS. The other two will be chosen by WCPSS from within the district. 


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