STATS-DC Data Conference


Monday, July 28, 2014 (All day) to Friday, August 1, 2014 (All day)


Washington, DC

SDP fellows, alumni, and staff will be presenting on the topics of college readiness, graduation rates, statewide data systems, and strategic analytics at the upcoming the STATS-DC conference (see the affiliated schedule). Stay engaged via @HarvardCEPR and #STATSDC. 


Chronic Absenteeism in Hawaii: Tracking and Addressing a Vital Metric for the First Time
10:15–11:15 | Concurrent Session V-H | Room: Harding
CEPR Affiliate: SDP Fellow Dave Moyer, Hawaii Department of Education

Empowering Parents and Communities With Publicly Reported School Performance Information
4:15–5:15 | Concurrent Session IX-F | Room: Wilson B
CEPR Affiliate: SDP Fellow Chris Woolard, Ohio Department of Education 


Using Data to Identify Indicators of College Readiness
9:00–10:00 | Concurrent Session X-C | Room: Thurgood Marshall Ballroom (West)
CEPR Affiliate: SDP Fellow Vasuki Rethinam, Howard County Public School System (Maryland)

Can Strategic Analytics Improve High School Graduation Rates in DC Schools?
10:15–11:15 | Concurrent Session XI-I | Room: Coolidge
CEPR Affiliate: SDP Fellow Alumnus Steve Cartwright, Tembo Inc.

Using Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) Data to Demonstrate the Impact of Effective Teachers in Tennessee
11:30–12:30 | Concurrent Session XII-B | Room: Thurgood Marshall Ballroom (North)
CEPR Affiliate: SDP Fellow Nate Schwartz, Tennessee Department of Education

Postsecondary Success: Technical Considerations for Linking National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) Data to District Data
11:30–12:30 | Concurrent Session XII-D | Room: Thurgood Marshall Ballroom (South)
CEPR Affiliates: SDP Senior Manager Michael Tith and SDP Technical Writer Anya Dudek;SDP Fellows Brandi Bakshi and Jeffrey Davis, Nassau BOCES; and SDP Fellow Alumna Monica Martinez, Elizabeth Public Schools  

STATS-DC Conference Website | STATS-DC Agenda (PDF)