Statistical Significance

January 17, 2012

SDP Executive Director Sarah Glover, and SDP Fellows Nathan Kuder and Tom Tomberlin are featured in the following Ed. Magazine article about data use in education.

School districts around the country have more data available to them than ever before, but figuring out what to do with all that information isn't always easy.

The P.S. 175 Data Wall commands a central place in Principal Cheryl McClendon's office at the Henry Highland Garnet School for Success in Harlem, N.Y. It's color-coded, with green and blue signifying proficiency in state math and English language arts exams. Yellow and red indicate failure to meet benchmarks.

McClendon acknowledges there is far too much yellow on the English scores, but she remains optimistic. The school's schedule now includes back-to-back reading and writing periods, providing more time for literacy training. And according to the sophisticated metric in New York City schools that includes student progress as well as qualitative measures on the school environment, P.S. 175 was rated B — a score better than 51 percent of city schools.


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