DreamBox Learning Achievement Growth


Project Status: Current
Focus Area: School Improvement & Redesign
Location: Maryland
Reports: Key FindingsTechnical Appendix

An impact study on the use of DreamBox Learning software on student achievement in the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) and the Rocketship Education charter school network.

Education Agencies

Howard County Public School System
Rocketship Education


DreamBox Learning

Highlights from the Key Findings report: 

1. Most students did not reach the recommended levels of usage of the DreamBox software. 

2. Some schools used DreamBox software to target low-achieving students and after-school learning, while others did not. 

3. The variation in DreamBox software use was driven largely teacher- and school-level practices, as opposed to student preferences. 

4. Students who spent more time on the DreamBox software saw larger gains in achievement. 

5. Students who followed the DreamBox lesson recommendations, as opposed to going back and repeating content, saw faster gains. 

6. The DreamBox progress measure was positively associated with achievement gains on state tests and interim assessments. 

7. The evidence for the causal impact of DreamBox on student achievement is encouraging but mixed. 

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