Proving Ground

Project Status: Current
Focus Area: School Improvement and Redesign
Location: National
Timeline: Ongoing
Faculty Director: Thomas J. Kane
Project Director: Bi Vuong
Project Website:

Proving Ground is an initiative committed to helping education agencies meet their practical needs, by making evidence cheaper, faster, and easier to use. Our goal is to make evidence-gathering and evidence-use an intuitive part of how education agencies conduct their daily work.

The Proving Ground approach offers a more responsive, pragmatic, and agile analytic cycle that empowers education policymakers and administrators to:

  • quickly and reliably assess the impact of investments,
  • continuously improve implementation by testing new strategies, and
  • incorporate new and better evidence into decision-making.

Education Agencies

Canton City School District
District of Columbia Public Schools
Maple Heights City Schools
Ohio Department of Education
Rocketship Education
School District of Palm Beach County
Syracuse City School District
Uplift Education

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How Do We Know If Ed Tech Even Works?

June 6, 2018

CEPR Faculty Director Thomas Kane co-authored the following Education Week op-ed, explaining the importance of rigorously evaluating ed tech before scaling up.

In April, the newest National Assessment of Educational Progress scores once again showed minimal progress in U.S. math and reading achievement and a widening achievement gap between our highest and lowest performers. Against this backdrop, educators today are eager for solutions that have long seemed elusive to age-old challenges in education.

Education technology will be part of the...

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Education agencies have implemented data systems which collect and store student, staff, and financial data. Few, however, have been able to fully utilize these systems to support continuous educational improvement. Proving Ground has developed an innovative approach to supplement agencies’ capacity to effectively analyze their data to address educational improvement challenges.

Data & Analytics

Peer Collaboration

Change Management Support

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