Ohio-District Pilot Partnership: Using Proving Ground to Impact Chronic Absenteeism

March 14, 2017

The following announcement by the Ohio Department of Education outlines its collaboration with Proving Ground, as they work together to address chronic absenteeism. 

The Ohio Department of Education has collaborated with Proving Ground, an initiative of the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University to support school districts in building their capacity to leverage data, analysis and evidence-based practices to drive school improvement.

Ohio’s collaboration with Proving Ground will specifically focus on parterning with selected districts to increase their capacities to carry out quick turnaround evaluations of programs or interventions designed to address chronic absenteeism.

Important Dates

About the Project

By collaborating with districts in the Proving Ground initiative, the state aims to:

  • Engage in a state-district partnership that can inspire a culture change, encouraging data use that goes beyond accountability and drives school improvement;
  • Encourage opportunities that contribute to reduced chronic absenteeism rates at participating districts, while expanding Ohio’s knowledge base and resources related to chronic absenteeism;
  • Incorporate what we learn from Proving Ground into Ohio’s evidenced-based resources, both in terms of specific evaluation outcomes and in terms of short-cycle evaluation best practices; and
  • Participate in a national state-district learning community characterized by a common interest in expanded data use and a common research agenda.

View the full announcement and download the application at education.ohio.gov