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Don’t gamble with Massachusetts students’ future

November 2, 2016

CEPR Faculty Affiliate Heather Hill authored the following op ed in CommonWealth Magazine to inform the charter school debate in Massachusetts. 

ON NOVEMBER 8, Massachusetts voters will decide whether to lift the cap on charter schools, eliminating a major constraint on charter school formation and expansion in the Commonwealth. Proponents of lifting the cap contend that charters schools provide real educational choice to families and have the potential to improve student outcomes. My colleague Thomas Kane made these arguments … Read more about Don’t gamble with Massachusetts students’ future

The cost of the charter school cap

October 5, 2016

CEPR Faculty Director Thomas Kane reviews the evidence pertaining to Massachusetts charter schools in the following CommonWealth magazine article. 

IN NOVEMBER, VOTERS in Massachusetts will decide whether to raise the cap on charter school enrollment. The irony is that for most voters—those living in suburban and rural communities with charter enrollment far below the current cap—the vote is inconsequential. The charter cap applies to the percentage each school district’s spending which can be sent to charter schools and most communities remain far below the cap. However,… Read more about The cost of the charter school cap

Research to Practice

June 9, 2016

Findings from the National Center for Research in Policy and Practice (NCRPP) survey, and how it can help education leaders and researchers create more of an impact, are discussed in the following HGSE Usable Knowledge blog post.

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